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Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meetings are held in Instow Village Hall on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. Questions are welcome from the public in the section reserved for this at the beginning of the meeting. It would help if Parishioners' questions could be forwarded in advance of the meeting to the Parish Clerk at or by telephone on 07760 800553.

The agenda for the meeting will be posted on parish noticeboards and this website 5 days in advance of the meeting date in order that parishioners are able to forward questions to the Parish Council to discuss and then provide a response within 5 days of the meeting date.

Instow Parish Council is not a Planning Authority but it is invited to make recommendations about the draft Local Plan and about Planning Applications relating to property developments in the Parish. The recommendations are recorded in the minutes of Council meetings, and details of Planning Applications can be found on the North Devon Council’s website

DateAgendaMinutesMore Details
21/09/2023 Agenda 21/09/2023Meeting Info
20/07/2023 Minutes 20/07/2023 (Unapproved)
15/06/2023 Minutes 15/06/2023
18/05/2023 Minutes 18/05/2023
20/04/2023 Minutes 20/04/2023
16/03/2023 Minutes 16/03/2023
16/02/2023 Minutes 16/02/2023
19/01/2023 Minutes 19/01/2023
08/12/2022 Minutes 08/12/2022
17/11/2022 Minutes 17/11/2022
20/10/2022 Minutes 20/10/2022
22/09/2022 Minutes 22/09/2022
21/07/2022 Minutes 21/07/2022
16/06/2022 Minutes 16/06/2022
19/05/2022 Minutes 19/05/2022
19/05/2022 Minutes 19/05/2022 (Unapproved)Meeting Info
21/04/2022 Minutes 21/04/2022
17/03/2022 Minutes 17/03/2022
17/02/2022 Minutes 17/02/2022
20/01/2022 Minutes 20/01/2022

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