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Instow Parish Council

Instow Dunes

In early 2020 due to the sand being blown over the sea wall and debris washed up onto the road IPC felt that something ought to be done to prevent this happening in the future. To that end a meeting was held last September in Instow for all stakeholders. Those present were from North Devon Council, Devon Highways, North Devon UNESCO World Biosphere Service, Instow Parish Council, Environment Agency, Savilles (Christie Estates) and Natural England.

Dune Pen Trial Joint Postion Statement (pdf opens in new tab)

Ten options were presented by Andy Bell (UNESCO). It was felt that the option most likely to succeed was the one that had been successful in Swansea which over a period of three years had stemmed the flow of sand on to beach road.

What you see now is the result of the deliberations of the stakeholders. It is hoped that the artificial sand dunes will grow as in Swansea.

The initial fencing soon deteriorated due to the salt, and has now been replaced with posts with cord along the top to deter people from walking on the new dunes and destroying the emerging vegetation.  There are two pathways through the new dunes from the gate by the boathouse.  They are not ideal for anyone using walkers etc.


Dune Management showing development of growth June 2023 (Photo courtesy of Charlie Harper)


Dune Management showing development June 2023 (Photo courtesy of Charlie Harper)


Dune Management showing new growth in fenced-off area, October 2020


Dune Management showing sand within fenced off area in April 2020


Dune Management showing bare sand in one of the fenced off areas in April 2020

Instow Sands