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Instow Parish Council
Dunes at Instow Sands

Parish Council Grants

Instow Parish Council seeks to support projects or services run by local community groups and voluntary organisations within the Instow Parish. The following guidance notes and eligibility criteria will help you determine whether you can apply. 

How to apply

Please read the notes below. If you would then like to apply, send an email to the clerk, asking for an application form or download the application form as a pdf document here. The clerk can give advice on completing this application and can be contacted at

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The project or service must be located within the Parish of Instow
  2. The organisation applying for the grant must be not-for-profit and be able to supply:

    • A quote or similar evidence for each cost
    • Bank account details in the name of the organisation
    • Annual accounts
    • A constitution, standing orders or similar

  3. As part of the monitoring process, successful organisations may be required to make a presentation to the Parish Council on the project, activity, service or equipment
  4. Grants are awarded on a one-off basis and there should be no expectation of future funding

The Grant Process

  1. Identify your project and how much it will cost
  2. Complete the application form (electronically if possible) and email it, with supporting documents to the Parish Clerk (
  3. You will be notified if your application has been successful.

Funding CAN be considered for:

  1. Not-for-profit community and voluntary organisations located within Instow Parish
  2. Core running costs, specific projects, facilities, equipment, piloting of services

Funding can NOT be considered for the following:

  1. Activities outside the Parish Council area   
  2. If your organisation already has substantial financial resources available   
  3. Individuals   
  4. Fund-raising events   
  5. Projects that promote religious belief or political activities, though religious organisations can apply for funding for community projects   
  6. Applications from Schools will not be considered, but Parent Teacher Associations are able to apply   
  7. Retrospective funding or expenses that have already been incurred   
  8. Donations